A mainstream decision for artists for a long time, the stone is esteemed for its common style, tough nature, and adaptability. The historical backdrop of stone figure takes us as far back with regards to the Paleolithic period, and it is viewed as the most seasoned mobiliary workmanship in the historical backdrop of civilization.[1] Selecting unpleasant characteristic stones and forming them to a foreordained outline is a craftsmanship aced and honed by numerous antiquated social orders, and the strength of the material made it conceivable to take a look into their one of a kind societies and aesthetic practices. While wood and ivory cutting are likewise practices of the old circumstances, wood is excessively perishable and ivory can be utilized just for little scale figures. From early portrayals of human and creature structures to the more present day ones, specialists have demonstrated their abilities in stone making undying craftsmanship as a heritage for who and what is to come. Amid the twentieth century, craftsmen started making conceptual stone models breathing a natural air into an old practice.